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Wednesday, June 19, 2013


We’ve been in Hawaii for a week. That explains my absence from blogging, ‘nuf said.  A doctor once told me regarding my son’s autistic perseverations, “They really rule the roost don’t they?”  Indeed, they do.  This Hawaii trip is proof in the pudding.  For two years Finbar has been insisting that we visit a Hawaiian volcano, as if our lives and happiness depended on it (his certainly did), or as if somehow I was denying him his bucket list if I didn’t book a trip yesterday already.   As I type I am in a rental home situated inside the Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park.  That’s right, I caved.  I often console myself regarding Finbar’s perseverance and my succumbing to it by telling myself that he will make a great lawyer or salesperson someday.  I’m not sure which one is worse, but as long as he makes $$ and buys me a nice house for retirement in Hawaii where he can visit me and the volcanoes anytime he wants, I'm OK with his talents.  Luckily with this “sale” I am not yet experiencing any buyer’s remorse. But that might be about to change.
Flying over Active Volcano

Asperger types become obsessed with a variety of topics. For Finbar, volcanoes are one such topic.  All things flying are an obsession as well. So what better to feed those obsessions than a helicopter ride over the currently erupting volcano (Hail Mary full of grace, sign of cross)? We are scheduled to do that in 2 hours. Don’t ask how much it costs, but take it from me he really IS a great salesperson and I wish he could take a commission on what we paid for this, err, life changing experience.  Doesn’t matter I tell myself, he rules the roost.  We can check it off his bucket list, mine, Dad’s and little brother’s, too. That is, if we survive :0


Saturday, June 8, 2013

I Am Finbar

I bet every child in America brought home (along with two reusable bags full of leftover classroom crap) a “memory book” on their last day of school.  If your child didn’t do a memory book, you are missing out on some voyeurism and good laughs and should demand one next year.  While perusing Finbar’s 2nd grade memory book today, I found a few pages that spoke volumes about his self image including his self portrait at the beginning of the year shown here
 (he didn’t own black shoes or gray shorts so I am not sure who he drew?? And is that a desk or a Clone Wars Atat?)

and his “The Best Part of Me” essay stating in no uncertain terms that “The best part of me is my brain.” The crowning jewel however was his “I Am Poem” where he had to fill in blanks to complete prompts to write about himself. What he filled in is underlined in the poem below. While other kids wrote about seeing puffy clouds in the sky and dreaming about world peace, Finbar chose a more straightforward approach.
I Am Poem by Finbar 

I wonder… constantly.

I hear… through both ears.

I see… through both eyes.          (fine examples of literal Aspergerian thinking)

I want…to be a pilot.

I am… Finbar.       (yes you are)


I pretend…that I am a pilot.

I feel…everything.

I touch…everything.       (easy there bud)

I worry… about nothing.      (except where your Nintendo 3DS is every morning)

I cry…never.       (except when you need to get your younger brother in trouble)

I am…Finbar.     (yup)


I understand…almost everything     (my personal fave).

I say…everything in a nice way.        (err, unless you are  speaking to your mother)

I dream…awesome dreams.

I try…to get better at bowling.          (what? Not school??)

I hope…I get to do Apple Valley Days.

I am..Finbar.             (Indeed you are)

I think I made a good choice signing him up for Lindamood Bell’s Creative Writing tutoring next fall…