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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Little Pilot

It is so hard to get Finbar to look at a camera, but in his pilot costume he is all smiles.

Giving a pilot's thumbs up took a little more thought..
Well this Halloween, I was once again reminded of Sudama's (see post on Shamans) assessment of Finbar.  Finbar hates dressing up. Especially for Halloween. Up to this point, he has never worn a costume of any kind.   This year was different however (for me). He is in Kindergarten now and there would be a whole-school parade in costume around our neighborhood on Friday the 29th.  I cringed at the thought of my son being the only child out of 300 kids not wearing a costume.  He could care less, but for some reason that I cannot explain, I cared a lot.  With much hope I purchased a pair of black pajamas with a glow in the dark skeleton painted down the front. . I thought OK, they are pajamas, not a costume. Maybe he will buy this story. Well he did, somedays. Other days he said he would think about wearing the skeleton.  I walked on eggshells for weeks each time the subject came up - "Finney, what are you going to be for Halloween?" someone would ask. "I'm thinking about it, maybe a skeleton, maybe not." he would reply. 

Then one night 6 days before Halloween, "Mom, I've got it! Can you make me an airplane costume for Halloween? I want to be an airplane."  Of course, why didn't I think of that? "Well Finney, I can't make you wings and stuff but how bout an airplane pilot costume?" (Amazon MUST have one, please dear God, gotta get online NOW).  Glee on his face at the suggestion that he would be a pilot.

$35 later, the order was placed just before midnight on Sunday and I waited.  The parade was on Friday.  The package was supposed to arrive latest on Friday, which would be too late. Well as luck would have it, I drove around at 9pm on Thursday night from Kmart to CVS to CVS looking for a Mummy costume, which Finbar had decided would replace the no-show airplane pilot costume. Didn't find a mummy, but did find a Hippy costume for myself to wear to Declan's preschool Carnival the next day :)  At least my trip wasn't for nought.

And so Friday morning comes and I report to Finney with much trepidation that I have had no success on the mummy thing.  In a rare flexible moment, he wears the skeleton, thankfully.  8pm Friday 29th , last UPS delivery of the day is none other than the Pilot costume.  I watch Finbar open the box, his body shaking and jumping with excitement, yelling "it's here!! it's here!! my pilot costume is here!!!".  The smile, the precious, joyful, gleeful, indescribable smile on his face as he took the costume out of the box.  "Mommy can I sleep in it, please please?  Uh, on second thought, I'll just sleep with the cap, I don't want my fabulous pilot costume getting wrinkled. Please hang it up mommy so it won't get wrinkled."

For the next two days, about every hour "Mom, is it time to wear my pilot costume and go trick or treating?".  Finally the moment arrives.  He put on his costume and I just thought "he's so beautiful and adorable and he is just SO happy right now, I really wish he would become an airline pilot."  It was a sight to behold...this little pilot skipping, hopping and chattering incessantly away down the sidewalk, describing in great detail each candy he acquired and how he picked it, explaining to those who had not noticed the wings on his uniform that he was not a ship's captain but an airplane pilot. He was in his element, on Halloween.

He plans to wear that costume for the foreseeable Halloweens, perhaps right up until he gets his real Pilot uniform.   I have no doubt he will.


Rebecca Royce said...


ralphgrimaldi said...

That is such a great picture. Please email it so I can print it out.

Grimace said...

Looks just like a young Dicaprio in "Catch me if you can." What was Decky?

Sonia said...

So sweet! Something tells me that he'll be doing a lot of dressing up as pilot in b/t all those halloweens!

Emily said...

I can't think of a better costume than this! I spent countless hours of my life in tiger tails listening to Finbar discuss, debate and then reiterate to Z.W.(the 1st child her ever called his friend) his future plans to be either a paraglider or a pilot! Pilot was usually # 1 unless it happened to be a day when the paragliders were flying in the air down from the hill behind the SB county building and we could see them from our classroom window. I always tried to explain to Finbar that he could do both things and that he did not have to choose to be only one thing when he grew up. He could be a pilot, flying a plane, and then have someone take over flying the plane so he could jump out and parasail. This didn't really fly (no pun intended) as well as I thought it would as Finbar was pretty set on the idea that you could only be one thing when you grow up! I wonder what it would be like for Finbar up their floating through the air like one of those paragliders. Would he feel at home or would he be scared out of his mind? If the Shaman was right about Finbar’s past life and that he died while falling towards earth, maybe it would be healing to relive the trauma of a death he saw coming with a positive outcome at the end. Maybe he saw his death coming and knew what was going to happen because his parachute did not open when he for some reason had to jump out of the plane he was flying? All I know is that having someone who knows basically absolutely nothing about Finbar be that dead on about the whole flying thing is either a very strange coincidence or there is something more very special and important there. I will never ever forget the feeling I had when I went sky-diving. There is nothing like the feeling that you get flying towards the earth, knowing full well that the parachute may not open and you could die but in the moment not caring at all. Anyways, I very much look forward to the day that I hear Finbar has finally paraglided and/or flown an airplane!!! I strongly believe the sky is where he belongs!

Jerilynn said...

We were there, flying around Willowglen with Capt. Finbar and his copilot, Thomas the Train. Finny, why not start by being a pilot then develop a whole fleet of planes, and ....may I have a platinum card. xx love you jj

finbarsmom said...

He DOES look like a little Leo DiCaprio doesn't he? Perhaps he will date supermodels then haha.