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Sunday, October 3, 2010

More "G" and Space Shuttle talk

Just a quick follow-up on previous blogs topics.  We've had two more encounters with "G" since posting. First was at an adult birthday party.  Long and short of it was at the end of the evening I found Finbar and "G" playing quietly (and he looking very content to do so) in a bedroom with what appeared to be a mountain of pink toys.  When i asked him later what they were doing he replied, "Uhhhh, we were playing with girl toys. It was sooo boring."  But he happily stuck with her. What a guy.

Last night "G" came over to our house with her parents.  I caught Finbar just ga ga staring at her from afar several times.  Poor sap.

Finally, I watched a documentary called "In the Shadow of the Moon".  It is the story of the astronauts who went to the moon from 1968-1972 told in their own words during interviews.  These were fascinating and amazingly brave, highly intelligent men, who are all now about 80.  Real American heroes.  I experienced great relief when more than one mentioned that as a child all he could think of, all he wanted to do, was to fly.  Model airplanes, rockets, the works.  Buzz Aldrin was even known to be a bit obsessive about some scientific topics, talking endlessly about orbits and such.  I was immediately relieved to know that (as long as Obama doesn't shut down NASA entirely),  there still is hope that Finbar in fact, being of similar mind to these cool ole guys, will learn to fly and even become an astronaut or rocket scientist.  In fact, in recent days he and I have come up with his plan for learning how to fly. First, learn to read, write and do math. Second, purchase a flight simulator software package around age 8. Third, get into flying model airplanes around age 10.  Fourth, take flying lessons around age 11 or 12.  Finally, attend a commercial pilot school for college.  Space shuttle pilot...

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